Schools + Health Care

WASH in Schools and Health Care Centers is critical

Shockingly, less than 50% of schools in the developing world have access to water and sanitation facilities. Data for water/sanitation in primary health care centers is about the same.

We see schools and health care centers as excellent entry points, since the positive benefits of doing so are easy to grasp by all concerned (including new donors and organizations outside the traditional WASH sector):

  • Progress that can be measured. eg., counting # of new WASH schools
  • Improved health, attendance, performance and retention, particularly of girls, have been seen in schools where WASH is provided
  • Focusing on children as agents of change for their communities
  • Promoting gender equality and keeping mothers and newborns healthy

We are currently looking at ways to highlight the importance of WASH in schools and health care centres. For example, fundraising to creating a pooled, matching fund for implementers to access in order to increase impact on the ground.

We are involved with the WINs partnership to keep abreast of the latest WASH in Schools developments. (