There are many ways to get involved in the WASH Canada Campaign.

The aim of WASH Canada is to bring Canadians together to ensure a larger impact on increasing global access to water, sanitation and hygiene. Our success depends in large part on action from concerned citizens like you. Your engagement, community activism and participation in our campaigns and events will bring us a lot closer to accomplishing our mission.

So what are you waiting for, take action:

1. Sign up for WASH Canada updates

2. Participate in our Upcoming Events

3. Participate in our WASH Canada Campaign: Sign up to learn more; Write letters to your political representative; etc.

4. WASH in Schools Organizations can help Save the Children and UNICEF to get a global understanding of the financing of operation and maintenance costs of water, sanitation and handwashing facilities in schools. The findings of the study will be used to draw conclusions on what is needed from governments and communities as support and will help organizations, governments, and schools to consider how they must adequately allocate O&M budgets for sustainable WASH in schools. If you are willing and able to contribute to this study in the ways described in the attached document, please contact the appropriate Save the Children contact. WASH in Schools OM Study info sheet 6-23-14

5. On Campus: Start a WASH Canada Club at your school – or write to us, for ideas.

6. Interested in Research: Do some independent Water/Sanitation research for us (or write to us and tell us about your current water/sanitation related research)