Send a young WASH enthusiast to the G(irls)20 Summit in Moscow, Russia

Wouldn’t it be great to send a WASH enthusiast as a young delegate from Canada? Please send out the paragraph below to your networks. Hurry, the deadline to apply to be a delegate is the end of December 2012!

Are you female and 18-20 years of age? Do you have innovative ideas of how to economically empower girls and women globally? Do you want to represent your country at the 4th G(irls)20 Summit in Russia next June? If yes, visit to learn more and apply for this incredible opportunity. All expenses are paid. Deadline for applications is December 30th, 2012.

WASH Canada is a content partner for the G(irls) 20 Summit to be held in Moscow, Russia in June 2013. We see this as an amazing opportunity to spread the word among young people about the importance of addressing WASH, and its impact on the GDP of developing world nations.

The G(irls)20 Summit brings together one delegate from each G20 country, plus a representative from the European Union and the African Union. The delegates debate, discuss and design innovative ideas necessary to empower girls and women globally and present these to G20 Leaders. While the agenda is the same as the G20 leaders and focuses on economic innovation – the participants are all girls, aged 18-20.


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