Did you know that 2013 is the International Year for Water Cooperation?

We are thrilled about this at WASH Canada, since we are all about cooperation!

We recognize that each of our partners has their own sphere of influence and core competence, be it research, public health, education, technology, community outreach or funding. However, not any one of us can alone tackle a crisis of this magnitude – almost a billion people without clean water and 2.6 billion without sanitation!

At WASH Canada we believe that the only way forward is through collaboration and a strong focus on monitoring our collective impact (across sectors). By joining our voices, our unique talents, our resources, our ideas, collaborating on the end goal – Canada can be an unstoppable force – leading the way in making real change in this crisis and saving lives.

So, in the past year –

  • We have grown our network for action:

    Over 35 organizations, institutions, business and funders have joined us. Many have jointly written letters with us to decision makers and our government representatives asking to make WASH a priority in Canada

  • We have worked to break down silos by encouraging cross-sector collaborations for funding, evaluation and joint implementation. For example, Grand Challenges Canada, that spoke at our last event, has made addressing WASH a more explicit criteria in its funding and Request for Proposals
  • We have done some unique research on the Canadian WASH landscape, by pulling together how much each organization in our network is spending on WASH and adding it together to determine our collective spend as a nation. We are now looking at the various types of research on WASH being done across the country to get an idea of the knowledge base that exists among us; We expect to make good use of this information as we proceed with our WASH campaign. For example, we can now see that Canadians direct at least $90 million dollars per year (through taxpayer dollars or direct donations) towards international Water and Sanitation. In the last thirty years, approximately $1.5 Billion of Canadian funds have been spent on this crisis and yet, sadly, the numbers of people who are living without water and sanitation have not significantly changed. This kind of data driven information helps grab attention of decision makers and individuals alike.
  • We have hosted events to raise the awareness and profile of WASH in Canada and encouraged a sense of community and joint action among our members

Join us – if you haven’t already!


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