Zero is Our Goal

If each of us continue doing what we have always done – will we achieve the game-changing result we are looking for? Will we be successful in changing something that so many groups have worked on for the last number of years  – with only glacial progress?

At WASH Canada, we firmly believe that what’s missing is a paradigm shift!

Our bold idea (certainly not unique to us but one we firmly believe in), is to Eradicate Open Defecation! Forget about lessening the numbers, halving the number by 2015 as laid out in the MDGs etc. No short measures – we believe the only way forward is bringing the number to zero!

Yes this has been done before, we can learn from great successful initiatives in the recent past polio, smallpox – etc. It is easier to remember and monitor your initiative when your end goal is simple – zero!

Let’s look closely at polio. The end goal was ‘no polio’. This process involved just about everyone. Developed world and developing world governments, communities, NGO’s, Rotary clubs, educators, researches, technologies, vaccines, public health professionals, doctors, women – all united with a simple end goal. Doing what it takes to get the number down to zero.

Now let’s look at WASH, we each have our own little sphere of influence and core competence, be it research, public health, education, technology, community outreach or funding. However, not any one of us alone can tackle the crisis. Together if we align ourselves to a simple end-goal, we will be unstoppable. Agreeing that the only acceptable end result of our work in not lessening but eradicating open defection. Not accepting that 2.6 Billion do not have a safe place to go is, we believe, the way forward.

What role does WASH Canada have in this process?  We see ourselves, as catalysts and facilitators to make this possible!

Our Bold Campaign Idea:

Not accepting that 2.6 billion do not have a safe place to go is, we believe, the way forward.

First, by agreeing that the only acceptable end result of our work is eradicating open defecation.

Next, we believe that there needs to be a paradigm shift on how we tackle the issue.

The way the western world currently deals with sanitation is wasteful and ineffective, that is by first contaminating millions of gallons of clean water with fecal waste and then expending a lot of energy to re-purify it.

We see room for Canadian businesses, research, technology innovation and implementers to work together to end the status quo.

Our Philosophy:

While each of our more than 30 partners has their own sphere of influence and core competence, such as innovation, research, public health, education, technology, community outreach or funding, not any one of them alone can tackle a crisis of this magnitude.

At WASH Canada we believe that by joining our voices, our unique talents, our resources, our ideas, and collaborating on the end goal, we will be an unstoppable force leading the way on tackling this global crisis. We see ourselves, as catalysts and facilitators. Our 5-point mandate includes:

  • Raising awareness for global WASH in Canada – targeted events, bringing together all the right parties, 3 times per year
  • Growing a network for action – we are already over 30 organizations strong.
  • Undertaking unique research on the Canadian WASH landscape and our collective spend.
  • Providing a platform to collaborate and share knowledge and new ideas.
  • Advocating together and taking action!