NEW Knowledge Summary on Water Sanitation and Hygiene, highlighting the impact of WASH investments on reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health.

Sanitation and Water for All: Outcomes from the Sanitation and Water for All, High Level Meeting, April 2012.

Summary: Recognizing the need to tackle the global sanitation and water crisis, Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) is a global partnership of various stakeholders from the sector. Created in 2010, they work to achieve sustainable and universal water and sanitation services. On April 20th, 2012 SWA conducted their second High Level Meeting (HLM) in Washington, DC bringing together country representatives, civil society, multilateral agencies and development banks. This year’s HLM focused on achieving three main objectives:

1. Greater prioritization of Water and Sanitation on political agendas
2. Evidence‐based decision making that involves monitoring of programs within the sector at the national and local levels
3. Improve national planning processes and the need for greater coordination on furthering the aid effectiveness agenda

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Joint Monitoring Report
The WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) for Water Supply and Sanitation is the official United Nations mechanism tasked with monitoring progress towards the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) relating to drinking-water and sanitation (MDG 7, Target 7c), which is to: “Halve, by 2015, the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking-water and basic sanitation”.

The UN – Water The Global Analysis and Assessment Report
This 2012 UN-Water GLAAS provides further reason for vigilance—resources are neither targeted nor apparently sufficient to sustain routine operation and maintenance of water and sanitation services. Thus, there is a serious risk of slipping backwards on gains already made. The analysis emerging from UN-Water GLAAS also helps to identify the reasons behind the disparities in access to sanitation and drinking-water among different regions, communities and income groups

Global Campaigns:

End Water Poverty

Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council