Landscape Report


WASH Canada and Harbinger Foundation are compiling information on WASH expenditure by Canadian NGOs, with the aim of continuing to update a landscaping report outlining Canadian WASH spending in developing countries.

The research is based on 2010 and 2011 data taken from annual reports, web-based searches and direct data provision. The report is meant to support advocacy for WASH initiatives, encourage the Canadian government to have a clear WASH priority, and create awareness and increased funding for the Canadian WASH sector.

In particular, are working to establish a baseline to depict the significance of the WASH sector and showcase how we are doing as a sector to reach the collective goal of increasing the Canadian response to the global WASH crisis.

The conclusions, drawn from the aggregate information, will be a step towards showcasing the need for increasing advocacy and funding, evidence-based decision making, increasing aid effectiveness, initiating collaboration with strong partnerships and national agencies, and supporting global engagement.

Please review the numbers and let us know if they accurately represent your organization’s 2010/2011 spending.


This year we have also begun to map WASH related research that is taking place at Canadian Universities. This is meant to be a resource and help achieve our goal of linking research and practice.

WASH Canada Landscape Report 2012_FINAL

If you wish to contact us about the preliminary information presented here, have additional data to provide, or to be included in the academic research mapping, please contact the WASH Canada Office,

Thank you for helping to reach the goal to strengthen the collective Canadian voice around the world’s water and sanitation crisis.