MNCH Summit, May 2014,Toronto

Wednesday, May 28- Friday, May 30th – Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Summit, Toronto

About the summit:

From May 28 to 30, 2014, Prime Minister Harper will host a Global Summit on maternal, newborn and child health in Toronto. With a focus on reducing the preventable deaths of newborns, women and children younger than the age of five in developing countries, the Summit will bring together global leaders and Canadian experts to galvanize support for the next phase of efforts and ensure that maternal, newborn and child health remains a global priority. For more information click here.

Why we believe that WASH should be represented at the discussion:

We applaud the Government of Canada for its ongoing global leadership in Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. We were pleased with the Commission on Information and Accountability in Women and Children’s Health 2011 report, Keeping Promises, Measuring Results, which outlined recommendations focused on initiatives in the health sector, and stressed the significance of water, sanitation and education on improving the health of women and children.

As a global leader on Maternal and Newborn Child Health, we know that Canada appreciates the close connection between WASH and MNCH. The upcoming May 2014 summit presents a unique opportunity for us to highlight this relationship and ensure that we combine our resources to meet our common goals. However, at this time, there is no explicit WASH representation at the table.

We urge you to:

  • Work with us to develop a forum for including WASH-MNCH discussions at the summit
  • Invite WASH Canada, as a representative of the WASH sector, to participate in the upcoming summit

We believe it is time to show the world that the linkage between health and safe access to water and sanitation is key to achieving enduring success. Click here for MNCH and WASH linkage fact sheet.

The summit will also provide an opportunity for world leaders and international experts to think beyond the Millennium Development Goals and start working collaboratively on strategies related to the post 2015 development agenda. We are convinced that effective WASH is a key component of sustainable, effective programs that will bring us closer to meeting our common goal of increasing maternal and newborn child health. It is thus important for us to have a seat at the table. WASH Canada letter to the Hon. Christian Paradis