Founding Partners

WASH Canada is a joint project of the Harbinger and the Walter Duncan Gordon Foundations. It brings together Harbinger Foundation’s 7 years of experience in this sector and the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation’s extensive experience developing networks and research and policy work.

Since 1995, the Harbinger Foundation has sought to become a catalyst for sustainable positive change through partnerships with creative and innovative charitable organizations.

The Foundation funds locally but its interests are global. We are dedicated to improving quality of life by increasing access to clean water and sanitation in areas of extreme poverty. In addition, the Foundation recognizes and celebrates the sacred and life-affirming role that water plays in all life.

The Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation was established in 1965 as a private charitable foundation with a mandate to improve public policy in Canada. One of its major programming areas supports the development of a comprehensive legal, regulatory and citizen action framework for the purposes of protecting the quality and quantity of freshwater resources for future generations of Canadians.